Daytona A&K M60 HPA Recoil Conversion Kit


Conversion Kit Voor De A&K M60 and its variances,

work for LCT M60NV with extensive machining & Fitting work.


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Designed for the A&K M60 and its variances work for LCT M60NV with extensive machining & Fitting work.

The Daytona airsoft kit is to convert your AEG M60 to an HPA powered recoil system and let you take AEG M60 box mags. No suffering from green gas/propane cool down.


Components Material:

Machined Steel, brass and 6061 aluminum

70 Dura synthetic rubber

Bolt Carrier Material:

Steel bolt with brass bolt tank

Power  Adjustment Range:

1.3J ~ 2J

Operating Pressure:

100 ~ 155 PSI

Rate of Fire:

650 ~ 850 Rounds per Minute

Range test:

Stress Test:

The Daytona Airsoft System kit means you can have even more recoil, louder noise than GBB system, and increased effective range like fusion engine, without spending a fortune on GBBR mags. It requires around 2000-4000 bb break-in period where a small number of fliers and chopping of bbs may occur. This is normal while the system is breaking in.

You are required to install an AEG barrel made of either brass or steel. Never use aluminum barrel since it will be bent by hop up set screws. You also need to prepare an HPA tank and Redline regulator with single QD disconnector wide bore airline.

During the break-in period, please keep lubing your gun with getsome 1000 lubricant. Only use the quality BBs that you intend to use for gaming during break-in, never cheap out.  As soon as all your shots are consistent you can turn on the hop-up gradually (1/8 turn each time) until you reach your designated trajectory.

Low Power Modification Required(sub 320fps w/ 0.2gBB)?

Check our Low Power Airshaft above:

Downgrade naar ±1 Joule

Nee bedankt, Ja graag (+€20.00)


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