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This MP5 HPA adapter represents the culmination of months of work to produce, from scratch, a shortened magazine for the GBB MAC11. This leads to an ultra lightweight magazine setup, that is both more enjoyable and economical than buying the gas mags.

A donor mag is required for exhaust valve and gas router.

There are a number of factors involved when designing a HPA adapter for this gun. We’ve taken the time to address these, ensuring flawless feeding, lifelong air-seal, and an excellent aesthetic. Feed lips which fix a few of the NS2 mac11’s issues when feeding off AEG magazines have been included, along with a CNC machined valve insert.


  1. Compatible with all CYMA Mid-Cap MP5 magazines

  2. Fits up to the grip for an awesome aesthetic

  3. BB retention mechanism to reduce BB loss during magazine changes

  4. MP5 magazine NOT included

  5. US Style Fitting as standard

  6. Straight magazines perfectly follow the grip of your MAC11

Installation is simple, remove the valve from a MAC11 magazine, fit our CNC insert, and install into the adapter (lube the valve to aid insertion). Then install our feed lips along with the gas router from your magazine.

MP5 HPA Adapter Info

  • Replaceable Feed Tube
  • Replaceable Feed Tube
  • Compatible with all CYMA MP5 Mid Caps (65 round metal, 120/130 round metal, Straight, Novritsch Straight, Bullet Window). Available Here
  • Straight Magazines will follow grip of pistol/SMG
  • Small rear tabs can be filed down to accomodate out-of-spec magazines (shown in blue on image below)
  • BB Retention drops only 2 BBs when changing magazine
  • Magazine Insertion will be tight for first few insertions, this is to provide perfect fit