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Drop in R-hop for Prometheus EG barrels 60A


Precision molded drop in R-hop for Prometheus EG (60A).

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Our precision molded drop in R-hop has perfect fitment, we can guarantee that! These R-hop patches have exactly the same inner & outer diameter as the inner barrel, like it should be. You don’t have to sand it or do anything to fit it into your barrel, hence this is the most user friendly R-hop ever created!

When R-hop is installed properly, it will give a slight boost in range, and a noticable improvement in accuracy and shot to shot consistency!


Follow these easy steps to install:

-Take your Prometheus EG inner barrel and put the R-hop into the barrel window. You can glue it, but it is not necessary.

-Use a flat hop-up bucking with the R-hop. This means there is no internal mound in the bucking (Modify makes a decent flat hop-up bucking. Our favorite one is still the Prometheus Purple bucking, but you have to turn it inside out, cut out the internal mound with a razor blade and sand it flat. This requires teching skills. Try to avoid Prometheus Blue flat hop-up bucking!)

-Slide your barrel with the R-hop and bucking installed into your hop-up chamber. You can use a drop of silicone oil on the outside of the bucking, this will make it easier. Avoid oil in the barrel or on the R-hop!

-Use a proper flat or M-nub. You might have to trim the height of the nub down! To check this, assemble the system, set your hop-up to zero and look into the barrel and check if the nub is pushing down the R-hop. If it does, you have to trim down your nub. When it is done right, you shouldn’t see the R-hop protruding into the barrel on the lowest hop-up adjustment. Turn your hop-up dial to check if it works and adds pressure to the R-hop!

-Install the barrel assembly back into your gun. Done!


For best performance use high quality heavy BB’s (0.32+)!

We recommend using 60A hardness (green)  for 400-500 FPS.


Keep in mind these R-hops only work with Prometheus EG inner barrels with 5mm long square cut barrel window! It won’t work with Krytac Prometheus barrels. According to some users they work with Modify inner barrels as well, but we haven’t tried it yet.


Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.