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Silent Industries MTW Alpha hop-up chamber INFERNO


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To get the most consistent pressure on the bucking through the hop-up settings, we had to include TDC. This means the nub can only move in up & down motion.

The TDC trolley we include is made for nubs, so you can use your desired nub.

We recommend using our Black NubML Omega or similar height nubs, because our system was optimised for it.


Our revolutionary tensioner system is very easy to assemble, it utilises tensioner rings!

In the package you get two rings, black & white (extra rings can be bought for tighter settings)

We recommend using G&G Green bucking, you can use both rings for it

Black is for tighter lip tension (Recommended for Inferno)

White is looser lip tension (Recommended for Reaper)


The best part is if you don’t want to tune it, you can just use the black tensioner ring as it is the stock form for most wide use. Unlike the Phoenix this has fix settings.


Extra tensioner types


  • Loose tensioner (White)
  • Normal Tensioner (Black)


  • Tight tensioner (Black with 2 grooves)
  • Very Tight Tensioner (Black with 1 groove)

Ring and Bucking recommendations

  • White Tensioner: G&G Green, Maple Leaf buckings (Looser Lip)
  • Black Tensioner ring: G&G Green, Maple Leaf buckings (Tighter Lip)
  • Black tensioner with 1 Groove: A+ bucking, Madbull Blue, Madbull Red
  • Black tensioner with 2 Grooves: Madbull Blue, Madbull Red

If you have a bucking & nub combo that works for you, we are sure it will work well in the Alpha!

Although, we recommend using G&G Green and ML Omega.


We will be updating this list when trying new buckings, also from user feedback.

If there is a good performing bucking that doesn’t have a ring, we can manufacture some in short time. This means our Alpha hop-up chamber is compatible with any bucking!


Tensioner system assembly

As you can see below, it is very easy to assemble. Just put the chosen ring on the bucking lip and slide it into the Alpha hop-up chamber!



We have redesigned the end of the hop-up arm and added bevelled edges, so it slides smoother in the hop-up wheel channel

Using the stock plastic hop-up wheel and the CNC aluminum hop-up arm makes a perfect combo, because plastic is self lubricating material!



Using and extended front on the hop-up allows it to utilise 2 O-rings.

This means better engine to hop-up alignment. They are tightly connected, so the nozzle can’t push the hop-up away and dust is not able to get into the nozzle area from the outside.

Reaper version uses only one O-ring and it can also be used for Inferno




The Alpha features a groove that can help with barrel alignment, we recommend using this as a reference point as some less quality barrels can have misaligned hop-up window!

With PDI, Lambda, Sniper Upgrades stainless steel barrels it works well!



Our MTW Alpha hop-up chamber was designed around the Retro Arms C-clip, because we think it is the highest quality on the market.

We include one in the package.

In addition you should use the plastic barrel lock from your stock MTW chamber, it really holds the barrel in place. We didn’t want to make a threaded barrel lock, because while installing it, you can twist the barrel and mis-align the bucking.




Our products are made to the highest quality standards, so we believe in using quality materials.

The Alpha chamber is mostly made from 6061 and 7075 Anodized Aluminum.

O-rings are high-quality German O-rings made from NBR rubber.

Stainless Steel pin to secure the Hop-up arm into the Hop-up chamber base.

Tensioner are made from POM plastic, it can be machined to tight tolerances and is hard plastic




Our products are made to very tight tolerances so there is no wobble and play in the assembly, while allowing the system to operate freely.

We inspect every single hop-up chamber before sending to the customer.




  • Hop-up chamber base (Inferno / Reaper)
  • Hop-up arm
  • TDC nub carriage
  • Stainless Steel pin for the hop-up arm
  • O-rings
  • Retro Arms C-clip
  • 2x Bucking Lip tensioners (Black & White)




  • Stock hop-up adjustment wheel from your MTW
  • Stock barrel lock
  • Feed tube that is already in the gun
  • Hop-up bucking (G&G Green, A+, Madbull Blue)
  • Hop-up nub (ML Omega)
  • Hop-up spring from your MTW
  • Silent Industries Inferno Red nozzle (Optional)!







  • Use G&G Green and ML Omega nub or your favourite combo!
  • Use the Black Tensioner
  • Shoot some heavy BBs!
  • Carefully assemble it and double check everything!




Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed. This part is only for toys.