Mancraft Standaard Regulator


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Een goedkope regulator, ideaal voor Mancraft sniper kits.

Deze regualtor is niet ideaal voor full auto hpa builds, dan kan je beter kijken voor de HRR regulator.

Past op de c02 adapter of een luchttank.

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Simply and cheap regulator?

Something that will allow you to have a bit higher pressure?

It’s the device for reducing the pressure of the gas. Pressure can be adjusted in the range of from 0 to about 15bar. Adjustment is done by the knob at the top of the regulator. By turning clockwise – the pressure increases.

Output of the regulator adapted to fi 4mm hose (used in SDiK conversion kits) or 6mm (for PDiK)

Thread at the output is standard airsoft thread so: you can simply put QD in here. Unscrew our fitting and screw in fitting for your HPA line.

Entrance of regulator – thread G1/2 “- Standard Paintball CO2/HP bottles and 12g CO2 adaptors.

The regulator can be used with ON / OFF and the PIN bottles.

To use it with HP tank you should put m4 screw (in set) in bottom of the regulator. It will press pin in HP tank. That screw should be out for 1-2mm.

Type of gas: CO2/HP.


fi 4mm, fi 6mm, QD US, QD EU, Micro QD 4MM